When you know what you should do, but it isn’t want you want to do.

You know you should eat more vegetables, but you just don’t like them and would rather have your fill of meat. When you know you should get up and move, but you want to stay in your comfy seat, or sleep in, or head straight home after work.

It’s called inertia: an object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion, until acted on by outside forces.

Okay, so maybe eating the vegetables is more of a habit than an act of inertia. That’ll be a topic for another day.

The decision to move, to be more active, takes a tremendous amount of force. In this case, the force isn’t physical (unless you’ve hired someone to literally push you out of bed in the morning, or hook a leash onto you and drag you around the block for a walk…). It’s a psychological force, one that initiates from within and begins with a conscious decision on your part to do.something.

This is why it’s important for your activity to be one you love. Yes, LOVE. Something that even on the days when you “don’t feel like it” you know that once you’re done you’ll be glad you did. And on the days when you’re not loving it, that’s okay too. You will still reap the benefits of movement, and it’s often on those days that growth happens. I’m not talking about if you’re injured; I’m talking about the days when you have a million and one excuses to get out of it but no real reason beyond, “I just don’t want to.”

Show up, do work, be satisfied.

Be your own outside force from within. It starts with making the decision.


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