Life got in the way. 

There is no excuse, or any good reason, for my writing hiatus. In retrospect, keeping up with this blog would have done me a world of good. Writing is my creative outlet, and staying on top of this might have gotten me through some of the funk I found myself in since my last post 18 months ago. 

But back I am, and this is my promise to both myself and to you, Internet Reader, to be more reliable. 

My goal is the same: To help you realize that it is possible, no matter where you are in your own life, to be healthier, fitter, more well, than you are now. That somewhere inside you is person who was made to move, and that you can embrace that movement. That you can achieve *your* perfect balance of healthy eating and pleasure eating, relaxation and athleticism. That health, fitness and wellness is about more than the numbers on the scale. 

“Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training and some are not.” George Sheehan


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