First things first: There is absolutely nothing wrong with joining a gym, a club, a group, in order to get your fitness on. It can vital to those who live anywhere where the temps drop into single digits and the snow and ice accumulate. It can be a great way to break cabin fever, to make new friends, to try something new or to gain a support group.

It is not a necessity.

It’s nice to have cool equipment, barbells and ropes. It’s not a necessity.

If the economy still has a tight grip on your budget, do not let block you from achieving your fitness and health goals.

What you’ll need: Determination.

The hard part about working out at home is the temptation. Temptation to dig into the fridge, or stay on the couch for just a little longer. You may also think that you can’t get in a real workout if you’re at home. You can bring your whole body to fatigue, even failure, if you’re determined to do so.

Try it, with no rest in between moves:

25 jumping jacks — 25 squats — 15 regular push-ups — 20 sumo squats — 15 diamond push-ups — 25 squats — 15 dive-bombers — 20 burpees —repeat sequence until done!

You may need to get dressed as if you’re going to the gym in order to “get in the mood” to work out at home. You may need to set it in your agenda. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to do anything special. If you have a few minutes, you can do something to get you a little further down the path of fitness. Something is better than nothing.

And remember, you do not need to be “in the mood” to work out. You don’t need to “feel like it.” You can get a good workout in even if you don’t want to do it. No one said you needed to have a burning passion in order to get fit. Getting the work done, no matter your mood or emotions while doing it, is one step closer to a life of health.



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