How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? 

On 1-1-13, LifeTime held a nationwide 5K they dubbed “a rally, not a race” known as Commitment Day. It was quite a brilliant concept. Start the new year off not in competition with others, but rather as a pact with yourself to actually fulfill your goals this year. You can see on their FB page that this event was attended by myriad groups wanting to make this a year of change. 

It was brilliant because if we could get out there and do 5 kilometers in the middle of winter, then what can’t we do? 

If you have not yet gotten serious about your goals for the next 12 months, it’s not too late (It’s Never Too Late!). 

Think about what you want to achieve. 

If it’s broad or general, such as “lose weight” or “get healthy”, that’s a grand start. What is the biggest obstacle that’s been keeping you from losing weight or being healthy? Eating fast food too often? Drinking 4 cups of coffee a day? Late night snacking? Lack of physical activity? Pinpoint a specific change that needs to be made. 

Now that you have a more specific change to make, commit to what you are going to do on a weekly basis to address it. Run twice a week? Make Mondays Meatless? Only visit Starbucks once a day on Wednesday? Then, commit to that for this week. 

That’s right, just this week. No need to concern yourself with long-term planning at the moment.  

This time next week, you can reassess if you can increase your commitment. Or, you can decide to stick with what you’re already doing to make it more of a firm habit.

One week at a time. Before you know it, 52 will have passed.Image 


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