And that television is so delightful.

Darkness, cold, and snow has descended. To keep this from being an utterly depressing season, we have decided to cram three major holidays into a a two month span. And we love to celebrate with food. 

Myth-busting time: Common knowledge says that the Average American (AA) gains 5 pounds between Turkey Day and New Year’s. BUSTED: The AA gains only 1 pound during that time. Today Show Clip Citing Study

Exciting, but the problem lies in the fact that since it is just one measly pound, the AA does not make an extensive effort to lose it. Nor, will they try to prevent it from showing up on their frame. 

One pound is not as measly as you may think:



That’s a decent amount of space!

Which is heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? Sorry, couldn’t help but throw that out there! Muscle is denser than fat, so while a pound of muscle weighs the same as a  pound of fat, it takes up considerably less space on your body:



Tis the season for hot cocoa, roaring fireplaces, and snuggling up with loved ones. Don’t let that one pound sneak up on you, though. There is something magical about the quiet chill of the early darkness. Grab your boots (or triple-layer your socks…the fashion police won’t catch you, promise), your hat and your gloves, and fend that pound away by

Walking! It’s easy! And you can do it in your neighborhood or on a trail!

Snowshoeing ( 4.1 million do it! )


Parkour ( because who wants to attempt this without a blanket of snow to catch your fall? )

Outdoor ice skating

Happy Trails!



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