Oh, the day of chocolate!

Many mark this as a Hallmark Holiday, but really like any day it’s a reminder of things we often push to the back of our minds or fail to recognize on a routine basis like we should (veterans, independence, new beginnings). Why we show our love our affection with dinner and candy is something I have failed to research, and true there is nothing quite like a gourmet meal or luscious chocolate.

Even better are the gifts that truly live on, and not in the form of accumulation on the thighs or in the arteries. Flowers die, but a flowering plant provides color and life in the midst of winter. A massage is temporary yes, but it relaxes and stimulates the entire mind, body and spirit. The ultimate gift is the gift of health, but ironically it is a gift you have to give to yourself before you can share it with others.

Enjoy your dinner, chocolate or wine. But also enjoy your time spent with your Valentine, and vow to care for yourself in order to be around for them for years to come.


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