You may think the best time of the year to workout is spring, after hiding behind sweaters, jackets and boots for months. Yes, there is nothing like being able to take your workout outdoors after spending months inside artificially-lit gyms fighting over germ-infested equipment.

But autumn. Chances are, you may have found yourself back inside the gyms if your summer was too hot and you’re not a before-dawn athlete. The weather is cooling down, perfect for outdoor sessions, and the landscape provides the perfect viewing entertainment with the bright reds, oranges and yellows of the leaves.

And the smell of the dry leaves most certainly beats that of others’ sweat.

Besides the benefits of exercising out of doors (mood lifts, clear mind, happiness), there’s another benefit to kicking up your workouts this time of year:

Temptation Island

And you know what happens next month?

American Celebration of Gluttony

And not long after that:

Season of Endless Desserts


Like you can have just two?

Can’t you just feel your waistline expanding already?!?

So, now is the time. Reclaim your workouts. Get in a routine. Routine doesn’t have to mean the same workouts every Monday, Tuesday….Sunday. Routine just means that every day you set aside some time to be active. No matter what comes up.

Getting in a workout routine now will help you stave off that average-one-holiday-pound-gain, and beat the stress of the holidays (travel! in-laws! money! crowds! temptations of gluttony!).

Plus, you’ll get a head-start on your New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps you won’t have to make the same resolution—Lose Weight—if you start right now!


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