There is much research about how you can reach your goals faster if you focus solely on the work at hand; specifically, if you concentrate on the muscles you are using while you are working them out, your body will use them more efficiently, and you will see results sooner.

So why then am I doing calf raises as I write this (in the kitchen nonetheless—I am also cooking dinner)?

Moderation, again, is key here. Just like in a diet. There’s a time for intense weight sessions, hard cardio bursts and 100% focus needed to reach your goals. But sometimes, yes, life leaves you little time for sweat sessions. 

You could wake up earlier. Try it! However, I will not call the kettle black. Sometimes waking up at ungodly hours is just…ungodly. Sleep is good!

85% of the time, devote yourself to mind-in-your-body workouts. Do cardio intervals. Lift heavy. Run past your plateau.

Kickbacks, calf raises, and counter-top-pushups still tone. Moving at a decent pace but not quite breathless on the elliptical watching Glee, Real Housewives or Friends re-runs still burns more calories than if you were sitting on the couch.

Multitasking is better than nothing. And just like every little calorie that you consume adds up, every calorie burned is still a calroie burned.


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