Summer is halfway over, and you may feel that there’s no point in working towards a beach-body…particularly if you’re not around any beach!

It’s not about looks. It’s not about the beauty on the inside, though that’s another argument. No, being active and staying in shape, while it does have physical perks to your attractiveness, is not about your beach body.

Summer should be a time of biking or walking to work and errands. Once upon a time our bodies were our sole means of transportation. Has the thought occurred to any of those obesity researchers that cars are the root of our morbid waistlines, not the tv? (IDEA TRADEMARKED HERE!)

How close do you live to a store? Is there any reason not to walk to get your groceries? Going back to the spotlight effect…no one really cares how sweaty you get. If that’s what’s keeping you from walking to your errands, make sure you wear breathable clothes and carry some travel febreeze in your pocket/purse and spritz yourself in the bathroom before you encounter other shoppers.

Besides, I guarantee that the people who DO notice you sweating will privately be envious, thinking, “Look at the way they worked out to get here! Ultimate multitasking! I need to do that!”

The whole rest of July is ahead, and August—which tends to be the hottest month of the year—is threatening its presence. Even if you won’t be at a pool soon, you’ll still be bearing skin. Exercise trains your body how to regulate its temperature better! So think of summer training as working on your internal air conditioner.

Of course, always carry water.

Staying in shape is about using your body for what it was designed it do. It was not meant to be sitting all day, inactively staring at a tv or slouched over a computer. When you’re in shape, you can use those feet of yours to get you where you want to go. You can chase those kids around on the playground, or play their favorite sport with them. You can set a positive example for the next generation, which is sadly heading towards an early death due to their weight and inactivity.

Embrace the longer days. Get up earlier, stay up later. (yes yes, you need sleep and it’s super important! don’t stay up late and get up early: pick one.) Take advantage of nature’s gift of extra time.

You can hibernate later.


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