Not from health, or fitness. No, the lack of posting here is a result of a vacation. However, it was not a lounge-on-the-beach type of vacation; that only happened for an evening.



This vacation was active.

Ever carried a backpack from the 10th to 14th arr. of Paris (basically, across the entire city)?

Luxembourg Palace

Or carry that same backpack across the entirety of Rome, and trek back and forth across that city more than a couple times just to take in all the sights?

Roma Termini

Or carry that backpack up and down the mountains in the Cinque Terre, literally walking to your next destination but also searching for an open kamera?

Heading to the path through the mountains to Corniglia


It’s not easy.


If you have ever backpacked, or sight-saw a city by foot, or went hiking while on a vacation, you know the value of being fit while traveling.

If you haven’t, let me convince you to take a journey of your own.

No matter where you visit, there is so much that you miss when traveling in a car. Or in a plane. Or taking the subway or taxi. Sure, some may argue about the time ‘wasted’ during the slower commute of the pedestrian. However, the discoveries along the way quite make the time worthwhile.

Paths are uncovered. Kind, generous people are encountered. Scrumptious restaurants are unearthed. Local gems, hidden from the tropical-shirted tourists, are kept sacred and whole.

There is something truly rewarding in arriving at a destination by the means of the power of your own body. A sense of accomplishment, making the sweat more meaningful, the sleep more restful.

We were quite blessed to have the opportunity to have saved and to travel middleurope. Your own neighborhood has much to be discovered. Walk it. Find it.

You’ll get good exercise and some great experiences along the way.


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