Finally, it’s time to hop off that hamster’s mill treadmill, get out of the gym and into the fresh air!

Get me off this thing!

Poor hamster, round and round and going nowhere.

Sure, it’s been spring for a while, but summer is swiftly approaching and it’s time to buckle down.

Resolutions are always made at the beginning of the year, but it’s also the toughest time of year to make a fresh start. There’s the leftover Christmas cookies, the leftover New Year’s drinks, the sweatshirts and sweaters and long pants and boots to hide under, and Mother Nature to compete against. Not any more.

It’s not all about aesthetics. Of course, even if you say you don’t care about how you look because it’s who you are on the inside that’s attractive, deep down we all want to look good in our own unique way (it’s biology, psychology and evolution. don’t fight it.). But health and fitness is more than just toned arms and shoulders in a tank top.

*Did you know that being out of cardiovascular shape, for males, increases your risk of having a heart attack and dying after sex? When Sex Kills Pts.. 1-3

*Strong glutes (your butt muscles!) stabilize your pelvis and align your spine, leading to better posture (Oxygen Collector’s Issue, Glutes, Summer 2010).

*A taught tummy does more than just incite envy. As a part of your core, it is key in maintaining that good posture. And the size of your waist tells the story of how at risk you are of heart disease and diabetes: The higher your waist circumference, the more at risk you are. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

*Better posture has numerous benefits! Sitting and standing tall trains your muscles to fight gravity, so as you age you’re less likely to be in that doubled-over position. Good posture also aligns your joints; it may take some getting used to, but chronically having bad posture leads to hip, knee, ankle and foot problems—stand and sit up straight and you’ll avoid imbalances. It also opens up your chest and lungs, allowing you to breathe more naturally, which can take strain off your neck, shoulders and back. Good Posture, Good Health

*Summer is the time of volleyball, tennis, hiking, swimming, canoeing, ultimate frisbee, soccer, biking, rollerblading and baseball. These activities are much more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about catching your breath.

Now, with the warm weather and longer days, you have no excuse to not exercise.

Just avoid negating all your hard work at the BBQ! more about that later on


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