It sounds crazy. We all talk to ourselves, and we even answer ourselves. We just don’t always admit that we have these little conversations in our head. But we do. So before we go any further, admit it:

“I talk to myself.”

You probably don’t even realize you do it as much as you are doing it.

The next time you are thinking about setting foot in the gym, our debating heading out the door for a run, or attempting a new class, or trying a new sport, become aware of how you are talking to yourself. Some people don’t have a problem when going after something harder, pushing around heavier weights or tackling new moves. Yet there are many more who look at that heavier weight and, before even laying a hand on it, claim they can’t lift it, give up, and opt for a lighter weight. How many times were you supposed to sprint, and you claim you did, but the whole time you were thinking that you’re not that fast? That there’s no way you’ll make it up that hill? That you can’t survive that class? That you’ll embarrass yourself if you try to play because your skills are bad?

Remember the Little Engine That Could? Starting today, that’s you.

Every time—every time—you find yourself saying, “There’s no way…I can’t…” you need to stop, dead in the middle of that thought, interrupt yourself and say, “Actually, I can. I am at least going to try and get as far as I can. And I can.” I can do this. I can get it. I can go faster. I can be stronger.

I can.

Nod your head up and down, affirming to yourself, YES. I can. Because if you shake your head and say you can’t, guess what will happen? Nothing. You’ll prove your own point, you won’t get any better, you won’t reach your goals, you’ll let yourself down. Which is a great cycle to be in if you like the drama of failure. You have goals, and you want to reach them (otherwise, you wouldn’t have set them). Stop beating yourself before you even play.

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can…


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  1. Jim G says:

    I needed to hear this! Thanks for the motivation and helping me get past my own self.

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