Not just of your past ideas of yourself. Not just of your old, bad, unhealthy habits.

When do you think that professional athletes lean all over their cardio machines? Maybe, maybe when they have been gone through a tough lifting routine and need to get in some heart-pumping action.

However, training not on a machine is better.

Yes, it is snowy and cold and icy in many places this time of year, and all cardio machines have their place and use. They can be beneficial.

But not when you are slouched all over them.

Leaning on the handlebars of the stairmaster not only puts strain on your wrists, but you take weight off your legs, easing the work they have to do and therefore, burning fewer calories.

Putting the incline so far up on the treadmill that you have to hang on to the front…defeats  the purpose. And the same goes here like the stairmaster—leaning on the railing takes work off your legs and decreases your calorie burn and puts your wrists at risk for injury.

The ellipticals have those moving arm bars, and if you use them correctly they can give you a great upper-body workout.

I challenge you to get outside though. On a track. On bleachers. On a hillside or mountainside. Or not even outside: Climb the stairs in your office building, a local hotel, your apartment.

Use the strength of your legs, your core, the power within. Let go of the handles and give it all you got.

The Incline in Colorado Springs. Olympians and Average Joes are frequently caught training side-by-side here.


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