Running on the treadmill while watching television seems like an okay idea.

It lets you zone out. Get through the workout. Keeps you from being bored.

Reading a magazine on the bike or elliptical does the same thing, it keeps you occupied while you sweat.

Problem is…athletes know that their mind needs to be IN their workout, not absent from it.

Music can help you keep up the pace, but that’s the only acceptable media. Everything else is just a distraction. If you are watching a show, or reading, you cannot possibly be pushing yourself through a sprint, or trekking through a tough incline.

You made the decision to work out. Don’t shortchange yourself by zoning out once you arrive. You deserve to be present during your training. Push yourself. Feel the sweat and your breathing and your muscles aching, and push through it again. You’ll feel more accomplished, and will actually get more from the workout than if you just hopped along on the treadmill like a cute little cardio bunny.


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