See it, Do it.


Many, many, many times when we start out to try something new, then fail, run into a wall, or otherwise mess up in a way we don’t think we should have, that little bully in our head says:

Why did you even attempt this?!                                       You shouldn’t have even tried!                                      You belong back on the couch, not in the gym!                                            You can’t do this.

Sometimes, before we even attempt something, that bully tells us:

You can’t do this.                      You won’t finish it.                                There’s no way you can get that done.

Or maybe you’ve been trying and you haven’t seen results like you thought you would:

Just give up, there’s no point.                What’s the use, you’re not going to change.                                   It’s not gonna happen, you won’t finish, just stop.


Negative thoughts like this will accomplish exactly what they are saying. If you think you can’t—-before you even start or try—guess what? You won’t.

What’s your goal? It’s specific, remember, this was covered in a previous post.

Now close your eyes. See your goal. See yourself in the health you want, see yourself crossing the finish line, see yourself reaching the peak, see yourself throwing around the heavy iron…

See how successful you are. See how happy you feel. See how much more confident you are.

See how you got there. See yourself sprinting in your workouts, see yourself sweating and working, see yourself on the journey. Smell the scents of the end point. Hear the crowd cheering, or your friends/family congratualting you. Feel the trophy, or the water, or the grass and a breeze or the sweat.

See as much and as completely as you can.

They don’t enter a homerun contest believing that they won’t hit the ball out of the park.

The next time you bully yourself by saying you can’t, tell yourself, “I’ve seen myself finishing, and it feels great!” Then get it done!


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