“I just don’t feel like going to the gym today.”

“I don’t feel like running.”

“I’m not in the mood to lift.”

An athlete knows…feeling it and being in the mood has nothing to do with it.

There will be days when you truly need to rest, like in overtraining or burnout. More than likely, that’s not where this is coming from, though. Chances are, this is just another excuse.

It’s nice to feel passionate about a workout. It’s nice to look forward to your session for the day. It’s nice.

Nice, but not required.

Not every day will you wake up and want to put 100% into your workout. Maybe you had a hard day at work, the kids got on your last nerve, your sore from yesterday or it’s just not habit yet and you’d rather veg on the couch.

If you have a workout planned, but aren’t feeling it, don’t quit on yourself just yet. You have a goal, right? You won’t get to it by skipping a session.

So, put on your gear and tell yourself you’ll go 100% for 10 minutes. See how you feel then.

And believe it or not, you can get a great workout…a sweaty, stretchy, bendy, heart-pumping workout…without ‘feeling’ it.

Many times though, once you start, you’ll ‘feel’ it.

‘Not feeling like it’ is a cop-out. Don’t do that yourself.

No feeling needs to be involved in the workout. Got to quote Nike here:

Just Do It.



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