It is just as important as the work itself.

Athletes know this. Okay, some go out and party and yadda. However, they know that unless they are getting good sleep and taking days off, they will stall.

Hard work reaps results, but going non-stop 7 days a week can lead to burnout, injury and overtraining.

Your body needs to rest to grow, it needs rest to repair and heal torn muscles (because you do realize that stretching and lifting creates microscopic tears? hence the soreness). Through the healing process comes strength, size and endurance.  But you need to rest.

One day off a week may not be enough for you.  Listen to your body. What does it need?

Maybe it needs 2 days.

Maybe you need a day of active rest, such as walking, yoga, stretching only. Maybe your body needs complete rest and relaxation, like you need when you’re sick.

Maybe you need more than 5 hours of sleep a night. 7-8 is the script, but maybe you’ll notice that you feel better with 9 hours.

Schedule in a rest day.

Turn off your computer, tv, and phone calls an hour before you want to hit the sack. Take a bath. Read a book. Listen to some soothing music. Read your kids a bedtime story. Do some stretches. Meditate.

Value rest as much as you value work. It will only make you more productive.


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