Really, I mean it.

There are NO excuses. NONE.

No time? Well listen, as much as I love you reading this, you sitting at the computer mean you’re spending time here rahter than getting your butt in gear (granted, you could be at work…shame on you for wasting company funds…). Working. Kids. Volunteering. Relaxing. Projects. Yes, those are all well and good. But, making time for your fave tv show isn’t really worth it.

Unles you’re doing calesthenics in your living room.

But before multitasking, let’s focus on time. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier. Yes, just 10. You don’t want to scare your body, you want to ease into a new routine. Take those 10 minutes and stretch the sleep out. That’s it. More ambitious? Set that alarm earlier and get your cardio done. Start with 20 minutes, but go all out. Sweat. It’ll give you a reason to shower in the morning.

No money for a gym? Who needs one? Not you. Pushups, squats, lunges, Australian rows, inverted pushups/shoulder stand pushups, jumping rope, jumping jacks…they can all be done in your living room, basement or den. You can walk or jog or run outside. You can go to the library (remember that? free rentals!) and try out some DVDs. Really ambitious? Invest in some free weights, bands, and mats.

Don’t feel selfish. Athletes know that carving out time for themselves means they perform better in  EVERY aspect of their life. When you get over the excuses and get it done, you can present a happier, sharper you to the world.

So go ahead. Jot done the excuses you use to keep from working out. And bust them.

If you can beat the excuses, there’s no telling what else you can beat.


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