Now you know where you are going. Next up, how do you get there?

Depending on your aim, it might take steps, or you might have to leap.

If your Better You means having to lose weight, write down one way you can move along that path. One, notice. Don’t tackle more than you can pin down. The first thing that springs into your head is what you should go with. Maybe cutting back on sodas is what you thought of. Maybe it’s avoiding added sugar to your coffee. Maybe it’s substituting turkey for beef, or using a salad plate instead of a full dinner plate.

This same thing can be done for whatever your aim. Need more flexibility in your life? Dedicate 10 minutes to stretching each day, rent a yoga DVD, meditate for 5 minutes. Finally competing in a race? Plan out your training for the week or download a new playlist.

Attainable, yet still difficult enough that you have to be challenged out of your comfort zone. This is where change happens, where old habits die and new ones are born.

Athletes don’t head into their day unprepared and unknowing. They don’t wander into the gym or the field without a plan.

Know how you are going to get from Here to Betterment.


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