Purpose drives us. Sometimes it’s fun to just get out and go without any end in sight, but that’s a novelity that gets old if done too often.

And you shouldn’t be aimless in your fitness and health.

What should you aim for? Betterment.

Now, before you start listing how many pounds or yadda, stop. Stop. Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. How do you feel?

Maybe, just maybe, you’ve been doing lunges for your thunder thighs because you got called thunder thighs and want to change them. But maybe, that’s not where your focus should be. Maybe you realize that your legs are strong, and what you really need to do is get outside and walk, not lunge away in the living room.

Think about what Better means to You. Be honest with yourself.

You may realize that to you, Better does not mean squeezing into a certain pair of pants. Better may not mean squatting a huge amount of weight. Better may not mean a loss of weight at all.

Formulate the Better You. How do you feel? Look? What are you doing? How are you embracing life?

This Better You is your aim. You now have a direction. You now have a purpose. Realize it, experience it. Embrace it.


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