This is not just for elite-level players, collegiate athletes, or competitors.

This is for them, too.

But this is also for you, the daily dog walker, the new mom wanting to get her pre-baby body back, the dad chasing his toddler around on the playground, the coach, the person who wants to lose weight, the gym rat.

Being an athlete is not just trophies, wins and statistics. It is more than losses, records and scholarships.

It is a mindset.



Neighborhood walker. Exercise DVD queen. Jogger. Weight lifter. Gym rat. Sister in iron. Recreational softballer. Yogi.

True athletes love the game. No matter what game it is, if you commit to it, do it regularly, and make it a part of your identity, you are embracing the athletic mind.

Here, we will delve into a part of yourself you have have forgotten, or find a part of you that never was.

The glory days are behind you. You never had glory days. You have to lose weight. You lose your breath climbing the stairs. Your passion for activity is gone. Your passion for life is gone.

That ends today.

Embrace the Athlete within.

Welcome to The Athletic Mind.


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